Manual or Automatic

You may have complex parts in small volume or you may be painting thousands of Widgets a day  -  what we would recommend really depends on each customers requirements.

Simple manual systems can be quite effective if laid out correctly, however it may be simply impossible to paint all the parts you need in a given shift.

 We can work out both options for you to see which makes the most sense for your needs - contact us for more information. 

Spray to waste or Recovery

Which system is best for you really will depend on what your needs are - if you are painting in low volumes or changing colours on every job it may be best to 'Spray to Waste'  and cost this into the price.

If you are only ever painting a couple of colours or if you are spending thousands of pounds a year it is certainly worth looking at recovering the over spray so you can re-use it.

 Again.... we let the maths decide - contact us for more information.  


Spray Booths

There are basically two types based on the above - Water Back booths are the most cost effective Capital cost starting point. The other option would be a cartridge or bag filter system - any of these options can be made to work with a manual or automatic system.


Whichever way you carry out the painting the parts will need to be cured at high temperature in an oven (usually around 180C).

Box Ovens - This can be with a single door, double doors or doors at both ends to suit layout and flow. 

Tunnel Ovens - Straight through, multi-pass, built in to a space or corner, these ovens are always bespoke to our customers specifications. 

Please see our ovens page for more information.

Application Equipment

We only supply the best equipment in the industry - GEMA, WAGNER or NORDSON - We work alongside these companies to provide you with the best quality finish.

It can be a single manual gun or full automatic multi-gun system.

We can supply this equipment at very competitive prices either on its own or as part of a full 'turn key' installation.

If you have a preference we would be happy to quote for any unit & if you're looking for completely impartial advice then please call us.


Manual or Automatic - Powered or Push Along - Theses systems really can increase any production environment.

Loading of any weight and size can be accommodated.

Supplied as part of a full system we can work with you to solve your production and handling needs.


This can be a simple or complicated system - Every one is slightly different - Whilst we don't manufacture these systems ourselves we can offer a full consultation and supply service using one of our partner companies. 

Contact us for advice on the best system for you.